EMIG is a multi-stakeholder network and trade association that represents the interests of life sciences companies in the UK.

Our industry Members range from new business start-ups focused on R&D, through to well-established companies delivering a wide range of essential medicines to patients.

Our Members

EMIG has over 300 Member Companies and organisations – including Associate Members drawn from academia, research policy organisations, patient organisations and companies providing essential support services to the Life Sciences ecosystem. Collectively, we represent the breadth of the health and medicines ecosystem, which means EMIG has become a platform for greater knowledge and ideas exchange.

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Voice of the Industry

EMIG represents its Members in Government, regulatory bodies, the NHS and academic research establishments in order to ensure that patients are able to access a wide range of innovative medicines.

In Government, we work with the Department of Health and Social Care, the Office for Life Sciences, and the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy.

We also work in partnership with a wide range of patient organisations, and represent our Members in dialogue with MHRA, NICE and the HRA.


On request, we connect companies with other Members who can provide practical assistance e.g. in licensing and outsourcing opportunities.

All EMIG Meetings will continue as EMIG Online until further notice.

Members will be notified of future events and dates via email invitation.

Expert Advice

EMIG has access to a range of experts that can help across multiple business areas.

We commonly provide advice on outsourcing services e.g. PV, finance and legal affairs; working with patient organisations; divestment; sales training; industry Code of Practice.

Policy, Information and Intelligence

EMIG is made up of a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), run by Members, that meet quarterly and work to share information and discuss business issues permissible within Competition Law. Members are eligible to join any SIG, in which, they have an interest.

Devolved Nations

EMIG works closely with the Scottish Government and the All Wales Therapeutic & Toxicology Committee. We have active Special Interest Groups in each of the devolved nations.


Although the UK will exit the EU on 31.12.20, there are likely to be continuing trends and interactions in Europe of relevance to Members.

EMIG will continue as a Board Member of the European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE), which represents the interests of its Members at the European Parliament and Commission. EUCOPE provides extensive information on EU regulatory and market access issues, as well as cross-Europe networking opportunities for companies.

Steering Group

• Leslie Galloway
• Abid Karim
• Paul Ranson
• Simon Coates-Walker
• Andy Farrant
• Bruce Faulkner-Dunkley
• Christian Hill
• Robyn Hughes
• Richard Johnson
• Eric Low
• Charlotte Phelps
• Stuart Rose
• David Trevor
• Derek Williams
Vice Chairman & EU CEO, Biocryst
Morgan Lewis & EMIG Legal Advisor
Director, Charlwood Pharma
CEO, Map BioPharma
Senior Director Commercial, Teva
General Manager UK & Ireland, Kyowa Kirin
Eric Low Consulting and Patient Representative
General Manager, Altacor & Parapharm Development
Market Access, Medicom Healthcare
CEO, Pantheon Pharma


  • NICE Working Group for the Review of Methods and Process
  • Life Sciences Ministerial COVID Response Group
  • DHSC Industry Communications Group
  • Covid-19 Industry Group
  • Covid-19: Medicines Supply and Information
  • Industry Advisory Group on Supply
  • MHRA Medicines-Industry Group
  • Early Access to Medicines (EAMS) Strategic Group
  • AWTTC Therapeutic Development Assessment (TDA) Group

Special Interest Groups

We have a number of SIGs to reflect the differing priorities and needs of the myriad roles that make a successful biopharmaceutical company. SIGs meet quarterly and inform EMIG positions on a wide range of issues, from regulation and research, to pricing and orphan diseases.
Each Group has a Chair and the Group determines the content of each meeting agenda.
Our SIGs now meet virtually, and any Member is entitled to join. Policy proposals made by the SIGs are reviewed by the EMIG Steering Group, and ratified by the Membership, often at our Quarterly Meetings throughout the year.

See how our Special Interest Groups can benefit you:

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If you wish to attend an event or have a query relating to an event, an EMIG Special Interest Group or EMIG Online please contact Jill Payne at:​jill.payne@emig.org.uk

BD Group

The EMIG Business Development Group is a networking opportunity for those Members focused on building their business by M&A, licensing, partnering and novel in-market strategies. The Group was established in 2010 and has become a firm fixture on the UK Business Development calendar.

Our online meetings typically include:

  • A Member company showcasing business strategy
  • Case histories of deals completed
  • Contemporary topics affecting the marketplace
  • Professional advice & services from member companies


The EMIG Digital Health Group is a networking meeting for those members focused on understanding the latest developments in digital health and going “beyond the pill”.

Meetings take place three times a year and typically include presentations by:

  • Members on what they are doing in digital health
  • Digital health companies
  • AI experts and stakeholders e.g. NHS Digital, digitalhealth.london and MHRA


The Finance Group meets on a quarterly basis to learn, debate and help shape the critical topics and issues affecting the industry from a finance perspective.

The Finance Group is focussed on offering members an opportunity to:

  • Network and meet like-minded professionals who experience the same industry challenges
  • Gain knowledge and learn, with presentations and talks that are focussed on the finance community’s needs
  • Have a sounding board for practical issues and give support to others
  • Share experiences and explore different approaches.

HR Group

The EMIG HR Group meets quarterly and provides a great opportunity for HR professionals to come together for networking and the exchange of information and new ideas.

We regularly feature external speakers and Members have the opportunity to agree topics to be explored at future meetings.

We also offer Members the opportunity to:

  • Gain knowledge and learn, with presentations and talks that are focussed on Members’ needs
  • Network and meet like-minded professionals who experience the same industry challenges
  • Debate important topics
  • Provide a sounding board for practical issues and give support to others.


Current issues being looked at by the Group include pricing and reimbursement transparency, data protection, medical devices approval and safety, biosimilars and rare diseases. This is in addition to other changes that impact on companies more widely such as competition law, bribery and corruption, tax and patents and other intellectual property.

The Compliance Group holds monthly one-hour webinars on compliance/legal themes in the following key areas:

  • Data protection and GDPR
  • Sunshine laws and anti-corruption
  • Industry Code of Practice and other product promotion laws
  • FMD
  • Credentialing

Market Access

The Market Access Group provides support for Members in navigating the complex UK environment through presentations, discussions and Q&A sessions. It covers pricing & reimbursement, regulation, HTA and patient access and uptake.

The Group works closely with DHSC, MHRA, NICE and the NHS, and assists Members in their engagement with NICE Scientific Advice and the NICE Office for Market Access. The Group also provides insight into data requirements and the preferred ways of making submissions to NICE and SMC.

Regulatory Affairs Steering Group

The Regulatory Affairs Steering Group meets monthly and provides a platform for exchange of views. Webinars are also hosted by Real Regulatory Ltd covering a wide range of topics, including Ongoing Clinical trials during COVID-19 and EU regulatory expectations.

The Group meets at least three times a year in London. Each meeting focuses on current hot topics and takes the form of presentations and/or group discussions. External experts and Regulatory Authority personnel are often invited as appropriate. Events are a valuable networking opportunity, with time allocated at the start of each session for informal networking.

The Steering Group participates in regular MHRA Medicines-Industry Group meetings, including

  • Cross trade meeting
  • Bi-lateral meeting.

Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Group provides a platform for engagement with the NHS and other stakeholders in Northern Ireland. It enables networking and shared learning across Member companies.


The EMIG Wales Group was established to:

  • Provide a voice for members in Wales
  • Build relations with the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group and with key stakeholders in the Welsh Assembly

EMIG has a seat on the AWTTC Therapeutic Development Assessment (TDA) Group


The EMIG Scotland Group focuses on issues including:

  • Engagement with the Scottish Government
  • Engagement with SMC
  • SMC position on uptake and clinical standards
  • CEL 17 and the question of how it needs to be implemented by Health Boards.

Women in Pharma

EMIG Women in Pharma will provide an opportunity to meet industry peers at events with networking, mentorship and speakers. 

Patient Engagement

EMIG provides free Membership to c. 30 Patient Charities. This is to enable better communication between pharma companies and Charities in terms of e.g. Charity Members expectations of medicines and how companies can provide support. Additionally, to achieve an exchange of ideas on how patients can become involved in and contribute to research.

EMIG Online

EMIG Online is a new platform exclusively available to our members.
We have created this platform so you can get more value from your membership and to enable you to easily access all relevant and useful information, whenever you need it, in one place.

You will have your own personal dashboard which covers 3 areas:

Resources – easy access to useful materials including presentations, documents, videos and podcasts.

Events – see all planned events per interest group, register your attendance, see a schedule of your personal events and join live directly through the platform.

Network – ask our network any question anonymously and see the collated response, or search the directory for previously asked questions.

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