Patient Engagement Group

The EMIG Patient Engagement Group aims:

Too often, the needs and views of patients may be overlooked when clinical trials are designed to assess the value of technologies intended for these very people.

The EMIG Patient Engagement Group has been formed to consider ways in which those needs can be identified and included in the research pathway from discovery onwards. Its purpose is to shine a very bright torch on a number of key topics of importance  to patients and patient groups, albeit through a multi-stakeholder lens. Meetings will explore a number of issues and themes including drug development, market access and health technology appraisals, health economic principles, getting involved in and evaluating research and clinical trials, as well as how to work collaboratively with industry and other stakeholders.

The Group also welcomes suggestions from members on other topics they would like to discuss and will benefit from a multi-stakeholder approach.


Downloadable Files:

Introduction to Health Economics, EMILY Crowe, NICE Scientific Advice 18.10.19

Patient & Patient Group Involvement in NICE TAs, Heidi Livingstone, NICE Public Involvement 18.10.19

Patient Involvement in HTA Brenda Dooley & Marian Hernon, AXIS Consulting 18.10.19